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Pictured above is a selection of Trahern Kennels furry kids from 1990 to 2011

Welcome to our page, please scroll all the way down as there is information further below.  Our email contact is at the bottom.

Trahern Kennels is a small and select kennel.

As a show/breeding kennel we breed first and foremost for our breeding program.  From time to time we do have puppies, older puppies and adult dogs looking for their forever homes.  We believe in finding our retirees their forever home where they will live a life being part of the family and having a safe life.  Not every dog you run on turns out for the show ring or the breeding program and the fairest thing to do is to find them a forever home, where they have that one on one attention.  Sometimes we have to help a pet home if they no longer can keep their dogs, we do this where we possibly can.  Though we don't see it as rescue in a way depending on the situation it can be as we are stepping in to help save the dog at times. 

All dogs deserve their own family whether they are from a registered breeder or a rescue.  There are breeders out there who do help rescue groups, step in and help save a dog they bred or even owned.  We have noted on Facebook that when people are looking for a Bull Terrier it is not uncommon for people to write and advise to only buy from a rescue group. 

Whilst their intentions are in the right place (they simply want homes found for the dogs in rescue) they need to realize that by doing so can actually harm the future of the breed they supposedly love.  How is that possible you may say, well think about it, if registered breeders cannot find forever homes for their adults or puppies they in turn will not breed a litter for awhile.  This may look good in theory but this can have major onflow effects.  The backyarder (who is responsible for a lot of the overpopulation of puppies out there) will continue to breed and put puppies out there thus having a market all to themselves.  The public start to avoid the registered breeder because people are telling them to avoid them and adopt from rescue only. 

Trahern Kennels Puppies and older dogs looking for their forever homes.

Bull Terriers

Denzel is looking for his forever home.

Expressions of interest are being taken for him.  Requires experienced Bull Terrier owner, prefer only dog home.


Bull Terrier - Puppy

We have available a 7 month old puppy Waughy, we ran him on for his breeder and he is now ready for his forever home - $900

Bull Terrier (Miniature) - Puppy

Its been just over 2 years since we had a litter of puppies but we are pleased to announce we have 2 litters that have arrived.

Torah whelped 7 puppies (4 boys, 3 girls) 24 October 2016
They are white with or without head markings and 1 black/brindle male.

Pixie whelped 10 puppies (5 boys 5 girls) 17 November 2016.  Her puppies are brindle/white and black/brindle/white.

Whilst we are still to decide which puppy we are retaining in each litter we are currently taking deposits for the other puppies that are looking for their forever homes.

Our puppies come with pedigree papers (limited unless the person shows or is a registered breeder), vaccinated C3, microchipped and will be DNA tested for PLL gene.  Cost of puppies is $1500


Looking for their forever home


We currently have DUDE looking for a forever home, he is a brindle/white boy he turned 2 years old in August.  Sadly Dudes had many interested homes but for whatever reason they have not been in a position to take him on.  We hope his forever home comes along soon. 

We also have available his brother Ted aka Potato head $600

All our puppies are sold as PETS only the exception is registered breeders/people who show who are known to us.  The only other time a pup is on a main register is one we have retained and sold on breeders terms to their forever family home where we may access the dog.



Their adoption fee of our adult dogs includes the cost of their desexing, they are microchipped and current with their vaccinations (C5).  We allow a 2 week trial period with our older dogs, this allows the prospective new home time to get to know each other and ensure that they will fit in to their family home.  We do this because if it doesn't work during that trial period we would rather take our dog back then have them moved from pillar to post.  We care about where our dogs end up so please respect that and the many questions you may get asked by us.  We want to be sure the first time round that you and your family will suit our bullies.

Please contact us via email only contact link further below and provide a contact number and what state your from.  Please No time wasters, please have patience as we are busy and emails may not be dealt with for a while, if we do take a while don't hesitate to contact us again as email have disappeared or misfiled into the wrong folders.  Most importantly please add a phone number.  If you have been corresponding with us and find a dog elsewhere in the meantime, please just let us know so we can update our database and only retain on it people who are looking. 

Have questions, seen things but are not really sure, we often get asked those questions and we are putting a page together to help answer them. Coming soon!

In 1989 we started off with Bull Terriers


In 2012 we introduced the Bull Terrier (Miniature)

The minis have certainly kept us on our toes.

Introducing our first Bull Terrier (Miniature) Champion

Australian Champion
Trahern Iti Lil Venus Rising

(sire:  Speiread Southern Boy (mini) dam:  Sirram Kinder Surprise)

Venus gained her Australian Championship with ease, her first points were at 6 months of age and her final points at the tender age of 8 1/2 months of age, under UK judge Mrs L Cartledge.  Venus is interbred first generation meaning one of her parents is a small Bull Terrier and she is PLL clear.

Under breed specialist Mr G Cox "Coxgal" Ireland "CH Trahern Iti Lil Venus Rising (S: Speiread Southern Boy D: Sirram Kinder Surprise) “Correct type, very good outline, very good head shape  with good turn and fill, good eye and ear set, good lay of shoulder topline and angulations, moved well when settled. Standing at top size”

Australian Champion
Trahern Yankees Skipper

(sire:  Ch Trahern Yankee Doodle Dandy (ai) dam:  Bullromanose Lanebeachly)

Skipper is Bretts much loved mate and Brett had expressed an interest to show his boy.  We evaluated him at 5 months of age and were pleased with how he was coming along.  Brett joined DogsSA and we elevated his pedigree from the limited to the main register.  In a short time, Skipper had a successful show career and gained his title with ease notching up a couple of Best Exhibit in Group 1st & multiple Puppy in Groups.  Pictured is Skipper winning Best Junior in Show under International judge at the Terrier Club Champ show 2013. 


 Australian Grand Champion


Neutered Champion

Trahern Ballymena (ai) ROM

Pictured here is Tony & Evie with Nugget on the day she was awarded her Grand Championship title.

Nugget is co-owned with Sirram Kennels in Qld (but now lives in her forever family home).

This title was achieved in memory of Jay Goldsworthy who originally co-owned Nugget with Trahern Kennels.

We thank Terry & Rob of Sirram Kennels for everything that they have done for us and Nugget.

Nugget is the dream show girl, the beauty of the kennels.

Pele who is Nuggets full sister has also had a successful career with many fancy titles to her name. 

Pele may be a pretty redhead but she's the brains!!

Australian Champion

& Neutered Champion

Trahern Glenariff (ai) CD. RE. TDX

Pele is one clever Bull Terrier, pictured with Evie giving her a High 5

Companion Dog (CD), Rally Advance (RA) & Tracking Dog (TDX) titles

We are very proud of Julie and Pele's achievements.  What a clever girl you are Pele, with 9 titles, (2 show, 2 obedience, 2 tracking and 3 rally obedience).  Pele attained her TDX in 2014 and just passed her Track 7.  Due to a rule change this year, she must now complete Track 8 before she can be awarded Dual Champion at the front of her name. Just recently Pele achieved her Rally Excellent title. Pele is a wonderful ambassador for the breed and proof that you can train a Bull Terrier.  It just takes time, effort and lots of hard work from day one.  Never for one minute think Bull Terriers are dumb, they're not dumb, but they can be stubborn and they don't believe in repetitive boring work.

These beautiful girls are now 11 years old ~ February 2016, in 2017 they will be 12. 

Where have the years gone?

Both these girls parents are:

Sire:  Bulroarus Roman Candle ROM dam:  Trahern Belladonna


During 2012 couple of our oldies passed away.  Both lived till 13 years of age.

(sire:  Trahern Xcalibur dam:  Sagearay Jezebel Jewel)

8-11-1999 ~ 27-11-2012


Bellas passing signified the end of an era for us all.

For Trahern Kennels, she was our golden goose by producing some lovely, intelligent babies.  More importantly Bella was a fantastic mother to ALL babies, even when desexed, she still nurtured and mothered, she truly was amazing.  She could count puppies and we would watch her touch every puppy, this girl was born to be a mum, to nurture and she loved being with children too.  You can just see it in her eyes as they lit up, she was a once in a lifetime dog.  Every so often I add to this and one day I will write more about her when I can.

Words here can never convey the depth of our love and the connection with this beautiful girl.  Bella never liked the show ring so she never had any fancy titles but she was one of the most amazing dogs we have ever known and had the privilege of sharing her life with.  She was human in every sense of the word except a hairier version.  If only she could have lived for several more years, I would have loved that for her.

For June and Evie its the sad loss of their best mate & a very special girl.

Wonder Mum, Wonder Dog and Best Friend.

Passed away peacefully while resting her head on Evie's lap.  Many thanks to our vet for allowing us those final moments in our home where she felt safe and happy.  Bella was laid to rest here on the farm near our old boy Harry and along with our other furry pets in our pet cemetary..

Loved by many around Australia who knew her.

♥ Trahern Cardea ♥
(sire Ricbull Rad Dude Dam:  Aust. Ch. Trahern Mystic Bijou)

A great innings Maude - loved by Kate and her friends and family

5-1-1999 ~ 23-4-2012

A special Vale to a special man


♥ Ch Trahern Wild About ROM ♥

5 -1- 1999 to 29 -3- 2011
 ~  Aged 12  ~

Harry was loved by many - used by few - producer of the history making ROM litter
This dog had THE best temperament anyone could ask for.  DEVINE!!!
Many shared his life over the years and he spent his final years being totally spoilt by our dear friend Lyn.
Harry lived with Lyns cute menagerie of "fluffies" as in dogs and the cats and chickens.
Sadly Lyn passed away after a short battle with ovarian cancer in 2014.
I'm sure Harry was there to meet you Lyn along with Molly and your other furry kids.

Above is Harrys ROM certificate.

Pictured at only 13 - 14 months of age

Australian Champion

Barkinot Nitrous Oxide

Co-owned with Barkinot Kennels.  Nitro resides in a pet home with long time friend of ours.

Trahern Kennels is a small and select kennel.


Slug and his mum Lane

Slug - aka Trahern Bullet Proof

Visit The Bull Terrier Club of South Australia for their listing

If you have an interest in Bull Terriers then join your local Bull Terrier club.

We are quite happy though to forward to you details of other reputable breeders who have puppies available.

Visit Dogzonline for available puppies from registered breeders - Click Here

Or visit Dogs for Sale for registered breeders - Click Here

We reserve the right to not sell you a puppy if we deem the environment not suitable for our dogs.

South Australia

Don't forget to let us know where you are from and please leave a number

and don't forget to tell us which dog and breed your interested in.

Email link above


This does not take place in Australia as some of the weapons used are illegal in this country.
The distance is 50 yards - More photos will be added in the new website under Shooting.

Thank you for your patience, the website will be fully updated in the near future.





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